Fire Woman's Art

Fire Woman Studio is a mother/daughter team. Mom, Carla Black, and daughter, Maya Arb have spent a couple lifetimes inspiring and being inspired by each other and the cultures of their ancestors; Navajo Indian and European. With a lifelong pursuit of beauty to back them up. Carla and Maya have wandered the pathways of artistic endeavor, trying everything from Fiber Arts (Carla was a world renowned quilt artist), acrylic, oil, and watercolor painting, pottery, pencil drawing, and jewelry design, but it looks like they have finally found a niche that inflames their muse.

Maya discovered the magic of glass more than 20 years ago when she began creating pieces in stained glass, but left stained glass behind to pursue classes in other forms of art. Years later she would discover in fused and kiln-formed glass a medium that would inspire both mother and daughter. She says, "glass is magical, it glows with a life of its own that allows the artist to create pieces that are imbued with life and spirit.  Combining that ethereal magic with the seemingly harsh and hard surfaces of metal and gemstones has become my alchemy."

Through a journey fraught with a lot of trial and error, technical classes and consultations with other artists in the field, and many pieces of broken glass Carla and Maya are now able to satisfy their artistic muses with original expressions in glass and jewelry.

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